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Premium Pu-erh loose Tea



Product Type: Pu'erh Tea

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 Pu-erh ripe loose Tea:

Craftsmanship : Qiaomu (tree or arbor) tea is made from fresh leaves of Yunnan large-leaf tea trees. In terms of quality, Qiaomu tea has a dark green color, a bright green-yellow infusion, and a fragrance characterized by delicate, lotus, and fresh aromas. The leaves are thick and yellow-green at the base, with a pure and long-lasting aroma, a strong flavor, and a sweet aftertaste. Qiaomu tea is crafted using fresh leaves of Yunnan large-leaf tea trees, undergoing processes such as withering, rolling, sun-drying, steaming, and compression molding. Pu'er tea originates from Yunnan Province with a long production history. According to Li Shi from the Southern Song Dynasty in his book "Continuation of the Compendium of Materia Medica," Pu'er tea had been used since the Tang Dynasty. Pu'er tea is divided into cake tea, tuocha tea, and loose-leaf tea, further categorized as raw tea and ripe tea. Features: Redolent with aged aroma
May help:Reducing cholesterol, aiding in weight loss, lowering blood pressure, preventing arteriosclerosis, anti-cancer, and cancer-fighting properties.


Pu'erh Tea


1 tbs per 1 cup 100 degree Celsius of hot water

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