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Madeline founded the "Good Tea Place" in Guelph back in 2008 with a vision to introduce her love for tea culture to the local community. After running a successful retail business with David, her husband, for seven years, she decided to focus on her true passions: tea ceremony and high-quality loose tea.

Tea has a long-standing tradition of bringing people together, fostering lifelong friendships and connections. Madeline believes that approaching tea with an open heart, without any preconceived notions, can lead to a deeper appreciation of both the tea and the people we share it with. Tea has a myriad of benefits, including enhancing mental clarity, making it a staple for writers, spiritual practitioners, and artists.

The Chinese word for tea, "cha," holds significant meaning in Chinese culture. The word consists of the radicals "a grass" at the top, "a piece of wood" at the bottom, and "a person" in the centre, symbolizing the relationship between humans and Nature.

While cleanliness and the aesthetic elements of tea utensils are crucial, the most vital aspect of enjoying tea is approaching it with a pure heart, filled with gratitude and appreciation. Madeline values tea drinking as a spiritual practice to establish meaningful, thriving human connections.

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