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Yellow Tea



Product Type: Yellow Tea

Vendor: TFT


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 Yellow tea stands out with its distinctive yellow hue and what tea it apart from other teas is the unique process heaping for yellowing .The resulting brew boasts a yellowish tint and carries a wonderfully mellow and distinct flavor. Yellow tea is quite unique among teas. Tea enthusiasts are welcome to try  a cup of this flavorful yellow tea!"

Yellow tea is a type of tea with a unique flavor profile. Its production process is somewhat similar to green tea, but with slight differences in fermentation and oxidation. Initially, freshly picked tea leaves undergo a light rolling and are then left to undergo oxidation for a period of time. Following this, the leaves are heated to halt oxidation, followed by a series of drying and shaping procedures. This processing imparts the distinctive flavor and mouthfeel characteristic to yellow tea."


Located on Chengfu Road in Sanxia District, it is an old tea shop that has been operating for 100 years and has been passed down for five generations. It is currently jointly run by the fourth generation Huang Zhengzhong and the fifth generation Huang Yaokuan. It has its own tea garden and tea factory. The tea garden has not only passed the organic certification, but also has a 112-year history. The tea factory has passed the five-star safety and health evaluation certification. The tea shop specializes in producing: Biluochun green tea, Longjing green tea, honey-flavored black tea, white tea, yellow tea,pomelo tea cake...and other teas, and has won the honor of winning tea competitions many times. In recent years, through the guidance of the farmers' association, sightseeing and guided tours have been combined, and the sales model has become more refined and customized. At the same time, it has cooperated with cultural and creative companies to launch handmade tea-making experience courses, so as to let the public have an in-depth understanding. The culture of tea industry. Adhering to the spirit of tea-making craftsmanship that has been passed down for centuries, we inject new thinking into the old tea shop, thereby establishing a younger brand image, and producing high-quality tea with a sincere and down-to-earth attitude.

Fermentation :10%-20%

Baking degree:Initial baking


Product Details

Product Name:Yellow Tea 

Merchandise:Tea Leaves

Origin: Taiwan N Asia

Specification:Loose Tea (Makes: 15-25 cups when filled, depending upon strength of tea desired).
Capacity: 2oz/50g

Packing Method:polyethyene(PE)+polyester+colored polyproplyene A bag designed for tea. Wire closure ties included.

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