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Heavy Roasted Old Dongding Oolong



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Old Bush Dongding Oolong Tea is a high-quality type of Taiwanese Oolong Tea, “Old Bush" doesn't necessarily mean extremely old tea trees; it denotes tea leaves harvested from more mature tea trees, which tend to have a certain age, potentially resulting in a richer flavor and texture in the tea leaves.

" Heavy Roasted Old Dongding Oolong the most traditional method, resulting in a tea with an amber hue leaning towards brown. It carries a distinct roasted flavor, a characteristic feature of traditional Dong Ding Oolong tea. The taste is rich, mellow, and sweet, with a lingering throat sensation and a satisfying aftertaste."

Fermentation :Semi - fermentation

Baking degree:Middle Roasted


 Product Details

Product Name:Heavy Roasted Old Dongding Oolong

Merchandise:Tea Leaves

Origin: Taiwan Asia

Specification:Loose Tea (Makes: 15-25 cups when filled, depending upon strength of tea desired).
Capacity: 2oz/50g

Packing Method:polyethyene(PE)+polyester+colored polyproplyene A bag designed for tea. Wire closure ties included.

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