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Red Oolong



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In the more than 200 years of development of Taiwan's tea industry, our ancestors, in addition to producing oolong tea, black tea, and green tea, also went through painstaking experimental research and developed strip-shaped Baochung, Oriental Beauty, and hemispherical Baochung teas, which have become representative of Taiwan. Local specialty tea. In recent years, Taiwanese tea has been impacted by imported Taiwanese tea. In 2008, the Taitung Branch of the Tea Industry Improvement Center, in order to break through the difficulties of the Luye Tea District, actively established the characteristics of the Luye Tea District, and used the tea cyanine raw materials produced in the tea area to develop a tea soup with an orange-red water color and a delicious taste. This new local specialty tea is sweet and suitable for cold brewing. It is different from teas produced in Taiwan in the past and is specially named "Red Oolong".
Growing tea in the Luye area obviously does not rely on altitude as its advantage. In fact, using altitude as a criterion for judging tea is originally too rough and seems to be manipulated by commercial simplification. The quality of tea actually depends on the climate, It depends on geography and tea making technology. In fact, Red Oolong was a tea developed in 2008 for the unique conditions of the Luye tea area. Red Oolong is a heavily fermented, medium-heavy roasted oolong tea. It has a hemispherical appearance, and the color of the tea soup is amber-orange-red. It is rich in texture and has the aroma of ripe fruits, and the taste is mellow and smooth, or has the flavor of honey or juice. The orange-red and translucent tea color is a visual enjoyment; when brewing, you can smell obvious fruity and sugary aromas; when drinking, you can enjoy floral, fruity, woody essential oil aromas, honey aromas, etc. The expressive tea body even has It has a granular texture that massages the mouth.

This is the use of craftsmanship to bring out the characteristics of the production area, and is a masterpiece of the people of heaven and earth.

Fermentation :30-40%

Baking degree:Initial baking


Product Details

Product Name:Pear  High Mountain (Li Shan Oolong)

Merchandise:Tea Leaves

Origin: Taiwan E Asia

Specification:Loose Tea (Makes: 15-25 cups when filled, depending upon strength of tea desired).
Capacity: 2oz/50g

Packing Method:polyethyene(PE)+polyester+colored polyproplyene A bag designed for tea. Wire closure ties included.

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