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Pear High Mountain (Li Shan Oolong)



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"Pear High Mountain (Li Shan) Oolong Tea cultivated using natural agriculture methods.". 

Pear Mountain Tea is sweet, thick, and mellow. - Cultivated at an altitude between 1800 and 2500 meters. - Mainly grown variety: Qingxin Oolong. - Temperature difference of over 10℃ between day and night, resulting in soft and thick leaves. - Lower night temperatures and humidity make fermentation of the tea leaves less likely. - The tea possesses a distinct high-mountain charm. - The tea infusion is honey-green, with soft water, sweet taste, and a dense, rich flavor. - Generally harvested three times a year (June-July, August, September-October).

Fermentation :30-40%

Baking degree: Initial baking

Altitude:1800 and 2500

Product Details

Product Name:Pear  High Mountain (Li Shan Oolong)

Merchandise:Tea Leaves

Origin: Taiwan Asia

Specification:Loose Tea (Makes: 15-25 cups when filled, depending upon strength of tea desired).
Capacity: 2oz/50g

Packing Method:polyethyene(PE)+polyester+colored polyproplyene A bag designed for tea. Wire closure ties included.

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