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What is Ayurveda and how does it benefit your holistic health?

What is Ayurveda and how does it benefit your holistic health?

Ayurveda, the Indian dietary practice that goes back to 5000 years is an ancient way to stay healthy in a modern world. The word "Ayurveda" comes from these two Sanskrit words combined: "Ayur" means life and "Veda," which means science. Together Ayurveda means "the science of life."

Ayurveda as a dietary practice seeks to harmonize the elemental constitution of the physical body by utilizing food, herbs, spices, exercise, lifestyle practices, and mindful living to create a holistic mind, body, and spirit. 

According to the ayurvedic tradition, food is medicine, thus the philosophy of Ayurveda aids in building the perfect diet and lifestyle practices for you by zeroing in on your's dosha (which is one of three constitutional types). The three doshas are based on the classical Indian elements and carry with them lots of unique and fun qualities! So, let’s talk about the properties of these three doshas and which tea recipes complements these three body types. The three doshas are:


Kapha Dosha

This dosha is comprised of earth and water. Kapha types are described as calm and loving but also lazy. Moist, dense, soft, and staying put for a long time are some of the qualities of Kapha. For Kapha people wanting to lose weight and implement a healthier diet, Ayurveda suggests consuming foods like grains, quinoa, wild rice, and sweet fruits like apples and blueberries. Don't skip out on the tofu for proteins either, not only is tofu a healthy meat substitute for those testing the waters, but it is an excellent protein substitute for Kapha dosha types. Kapha folks should take extra care of their chest.

For those Kaphas seeking an Ayurvedic tea recipe are in luck! We offer the perfect tea recipe just for you! Our organic Kapha recipe contains licorice, fennel, cinnamon, ginger, peppermint, cardamom, cloves, and pepper. Licorice aids in digestion, fennel in bone health and detox, cinnamon for antioxidants, ginger helps combat nausea, peppermint can help to boost energy, cardamom can help lower blood pressure, cloves can promote healthy liver function, and pepper aids in helping our bodies absorb nutrients!

Vata Dosha

Vata folks are said to be creative, expressive, but also intense. Their elements are space and air, and their qualities include dryness, cold, roughness, and lightness. Some foods to enjoy as a Vata are an asparagus, and sweet fruit like cherries. We suggest trying to lay off the potatoes, yogurt, and chocolate! For a healthy and well-balanced vegan diet, Vata body types adapt well to most grains, veggies, fruits, legumes, and seeds. The organ to balance for the Vata body type is the colon.

We have created the perfect Ayurvedic recipe for the Vata body type. This calming and soothing Ayurvedic recipe helps to quell Vata's anxious and over-energetic side. The formula contains the following ingredients: licorice to help Vata balance their sensitive stomachs, cardamom to lower blood pressure, ginger to soothe the stomach and digestion, and cinnamon which not only can help reduce stress levels from its aroma alone but also is packed with antioxidants.

Pitta Dosha

Pitta body types are a mix of fire and water. Pitta people are thought to be happy and joyful, intelligent, and driven. Their traits also include descriptions like mobility, liquidity, hotness, and sharpness. On the menu for Pitta people are foods like egg whites, pasta, and black beans. However, those with a Pitta body type may want to stay away from soy sauce, spinach, and beef. Barley, oats, and potatoes all make for a balanced Pitta diet. The Pitta crowd should take special care of their stomachs.

Wondering what Ayurveda recipe is ideal for Pitta folks? Our Pitta tea is your go-to beverage. This tea is a must-have for days when you are feeling anxious and need a well-earned break. Our recipe contains high-quality ingredients like bone-enhancing fennel, antioxidant-rich cinnamon and ginger to improve digestion. The Pitta's stomach can also get some extra help from licorice, bloat dissipating lemongrass, stomach, and digestive tract soothing peppermint, stomach ulcer reducing cloves, blood pressure easing cardamom, vitamin-c packed orange peel and lime flower, rosehip which further aids in digestion (emphasis on stomach health), inflammation-reducing chamomile, and Tulsi, which soothes and helps protect the throat.

Moreover, for those who are less dosha-centric but who want a healthy and weight melting Ayurveda tea, we have the cumin, coriander and fennel detox tea that will give you a new lease on life. Other Ayurveda teas offered by us include those health-enhancing recipes listed below. Keep an eye out for different amazing Ayurveda tea blends, remember Ayurveda is the science of life and can aid in weight balance, a happier and healthier lifestyle.

Masala Chai

The origins of masala chai can be traced back hundreds of years where it was prepared sans Camellia Sinensis. The addition of tea leaf into the drink came about within the last 50 years or more when black tea became obtainable by the general populace. However, the Ayurvedic ingredients remained, making it a fantastic tea loaded with flavours, spices, and health-conscious energy. The black tea added in our masala chai is packed with antioxidants, metabolism-boosting properties, and gut bacteria benefiting nutrients. Orange Pekoe which is the highest calibre of Ceylon can help reduce the risk of stroke, cardamom can prevent bad breath and cavities, black pepper which adds some flavor but also assist our system in nutrient absorption, cinnamon for even more flavor and its antioxidants properties, cloves for better liver health, ginger for, yes, more incredible spice, but also some muscle pain reduction and vanilla which can help with intestinal gas problems.

Shanti Peace

Our Shanti Peace tea is an Ayurvedic recipe for a peaceful heart and mind. The word "Shanti" has the meaning of "Peace Within," which is what this musical work of tea mastery will give you. For those with a restless heart needing an exotic tea to relax or start their day with, have Shanti Peace at the ready. Shanti Peace contains rare and valuable ingredients like saffron, which helps to improve mood and fight depression. Fennel seeds to aid in digestion and detox which lends themselves as weight loss as well. Licorice can help with digestion. Anise helps to reduce constipation and bloating. Orange peel gives our bodies a heavy hand of vitamin C. Peppermint can boost our energy levels without the need for caffeine. Lemongrass can help with relaxation, and citrus, which also further increases our immune system and grants us vitamin C. So be at ease when sipping Shanti Peace, it is healthy and undoubtedly delicious.

Calming Nirvana

Calming Nirvana is another sublime Ayurvedic tea. This tea uses all-natural herbs, spices, and leaves to assemble a tea recipe harmoniously. The linden flowers have light sedative effects and are a perfect ingredient for before bedtime, so too can the chamomile put us at ease and help us sleep, fennel can help to quell blood pressure, and cardamom can ameliorate lousy breath. Hibiscus is not just high in vitamin C, but it can also give us some cell-protecting antioxidants, licorice aids digestion, and the respiratory system, and alfalfa can help lower cholesterol. Raspberry leaves provide this tea with vitamins and minerals like vitamin A; the orange peel is an excellent source of vitamin C, and rosehip is friendly to our hearts. Cinnamon, for not just great flavour but also anti-inflammatory powers, ginger for muscle soreness and pain, cloves for antibacterial properties. Moreover, finally, what to better absorb all these fantastic nutrients and also give this drink an uplifting spice? Black pepper. Nirvana never tasted so superb!

Yoga Tea

Yoga. The word alone conjures up images of ease, flexibility, flow, and relaxation. Just as yoga can increase strength, balance, breathing, and posture, so too can this tea help with focus, energy, and joy in life. You can enjoy this cup before or after each yoga session! So, what great organic ingredients went into this Ayurvedic masterpiece? We added cinnamon for taste but also for its antioxidants, hawthorn leaves reduce anxiety and can help prevent hair loss; these two are positively related to some! The ginger adds invigorating spice but also anti-inflammatories, cloves are added in to improve liver health, black pepper for seasoning and promoting better brain function, cardamom for aiding with digestion, safflowers for levelling out blood sugar levels, and last but certainly not least, Malva flowers for their high zinc and iron levels. This tea is a gentle but powerful health panacea and one you should make part of your tea collection today! Courtesy of Bon Tea.

Woman Uma

For an Ayurvedic tea just for women and one that is gentle, yet powerful, soothing yet effective. This Ayurvedic tea uses specially selected with love to produce the perfect brew for any woman. This delicious blend has a floral, fruity, and refreshing flavour. This tea can help to balance hormones, reduce stress, and provide physical health while helping to reduce anxiety and provide strong women the relaxation they deserve. The Ayurvedic ingredients found in this elegant tea are cinnamon bark, which packs flavour and soothing aromas and antioxidants, apple pieces which lend to a heavenly taste and also provide fibre, red bush leaves help us with weight balance, ginger is a remedy with morning sickness, cramps, and nausea, orange peels lend vitamin C, hawthorn leaves help to prevent hair loss and keep your locks looking great! St. John's wort is a natural antidepressant and can elevate our moods. Chamomile flowers can reduce menstrual cramps and pain, while passion flowers aid in helping us get some deep sleep. Valerian root can help to treat insomnia and ease the pain of menopause symptoms, orange blossoms soothe nerves and can help restore tranquillity, while cardamom can help treat bad breath and prevent cavities. The harmonious balance of fruits and spices in this blend is truly divine and will help any woman feel divine, too!


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