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What can your tea type preference says about your personality?

What can your tea type preference says about your personality?

What can your favorite drink predict about your personality and attitude to life? Can our personality determine what drink will be our favorite?

Overall, research shows that those who drink tea typically show high determination and positivity whilst also proving to be highly adaptive and mature!

It makes sense that our personalities tend to influence the decisions we make… so what does your favorite tea say about you?

Well, let’s find out shall we!

Black Tea- This tea suggests that you have a strong, determined mindset and prove to be straight to the point in all areas of your life and communication. As a busy and productive person, you are energetic and choose a high caffeine yet natural drink that matches your lifestyle as well as fueling you in ways you desire.

White Tea- You may be traditional in your approach to things, yet still showcase your sophistication and simplicity beautifully. You look for mellow, gentle flavors and radiate an easy energy to those around you.

Green Tea- You are a vibrant and healthy person with a strong mindset focused on your mental and physical health. Despite being seen as a ‘trendy’ drink, you look to your favorite due to its healthy and energetic properties. You may follow a trend, but you do it only if it works for you!

Herbal Tea- You love to experiment! You are looking for a different energy and taste each day with a light, healthy and natural boost. You enjoy variety in all aspects of your life and love to switch it up regularly.

Fruit Tea- You have a bright and light personality but you also pack a punch when needed! You love to mix things up and try new and exciting flavors in life, but when it comes down to it, you are passionate about what you like and don’t.

Oolong Tea- A fluctuation of flavor and variety of moods, you can switch between being very easy going to being a strong force. Your adaptability and versatile nature is perfect for different situations and your favorite tea represents this in so many ways!

Pu-erh Tea- A distinctive, quality drink that showcases your detail oriented, classy attitude. This drink highlights your patience due to brewing this drink properly and, but also your high expectations of yourself in all areas of your life.

How well do you think your favorite tea describes you and your personality?

Now go and brew yourself another cuppa!

Disclaimer: It is important to highlight that this article is purely for entertainment and interest purposes only, and not designed to replace any medical advice. This article simply revolves around fun facts and opinions, no offense is intended.

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