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Organic Green Rooibos Tea



Product Type: Rooibos Tea

Vendor: Bon Tea Place


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Green Rooibos is the same plant that provides us with the regular red Rooibos, but what makes this tea green is the fact that it skips the fermentation process. This produces an orange liquor that is smooth and has a flavour similar to green tea with herbaceous notes.

Drinking rooibos tea has many health benefits. It's naturally caffeine-free and contains antioxidants that help protect the body from damage caused by free radicals. Rooibos tea also has anti-inflammatory properties that can reduce the risk of chronic diseases, improve heart health, and aid digestion. It's a great addition to any healthy lifestyle.


Organic Honeybush, sunflower blossoms, rose petals, jasmine blossoms, papaya bits, raspberry bits

Preparation Method

1 tbs per 1 cup; 90 degree Celsius of hot water



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