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Fennel Seeds Herbal Tea

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Fennel seed tea is an herbal tea made from crushed or ground fennel seeds, which has a sweet, licorice-like flavor. Fennel tea has been associated with several health benefits. It can help fight infections, aid healthy digestion, and has anti-inflammatory and carminative effects. Drinking fennel tea can help prevent the formation of gas, thereby eliminating bloating and cramping, and can also help in speeding up the digestive process, ensuring maximum nutrient uptake, and preventing constipation. It may also act as a diuretic and help regulate hormones, improve memory, and strengthen eyesight. Fennel tea can help ease cramps and gas, and is also helpful in treating irritable bowel syndrome, and maintaining digestive tract health by repairing damaged tissues.


Fennel Seeds


1 tbs per 1 cup
90 degree Celsius of hot water

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