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White Tea + Health Benefits

White Tea + Health Benefits

What is White Tea?

White tea, another member of the Camellia Sinensis family of teas, is the least oxidized and often the most delicate. The colour of its liquor is the lightest and possess a softer taste. For white teas, only the tender new buds or leaves and the silvery white down are harvested. In addition to its delicious taste, the health benefits of white tea are numerous!

The production of white began only recently, dating around 2-300 years ago. Additionally, white tea is considered one of the "youngest" tea in comparison to other tea - dating in the last 2-300 years or so. This is in comparison to green, black or fermented teas 3-5000-year histories.

Health benefits of White Tea

Despite being a younger crop, there are numerous health benefits to drinking white tea daily. For starters, white tea is still rich in antioxidants, just like its more fermented and oxidized cousins. The antioxidants help to reduce signs of ageing. It is also beneficial in promoting heart health. White tea can aid in weight loss, increase metabolism, reduce risk of cancer and guard your body against osteoporosis.

Popular Types of White Tea

Bai Mu Dan

The Fujian province in China cultivates the largest variety of Bai Mu Dan White tea. The name "Bai Mu Dan" literally means, "White Peony" and this is the name this tea often goes by. This type of white tea is highly lauded and preferred by many white tea aficionados. The flavour is a soft, silky and shimmering, free of any astringency or grassy flavours. We also have a great variant of Bai Mu Dan called Super Peony. This type comes from Japan's Mei prefecture, another incredible place for tea cultivation. In true Bai Mu Dan fashion, Bon Tea's Super peony is delicate and elegant with its taste.

2 Doves Silver Needle

This Fujian tea is another perfect specimen of white tea. The name of this tea comes from the legend of an impoverished tea farmer. One day a mercenary protected the tea farmer from bandits. The farmer, however, was unable to pay the mercenary back. The mercenary gave the farmer a year to come up with a payment, or he would take the farmer's daughter. Scared and desperate, the farmer and his wife prayed for help.

While they were asleep, the love doves visited the couple in their dreams. The doves told them to look for the two real doves perched on the gate of the farm. The real doves would lead the farmer and his wife to a small grove of wild tea plants. The farmer picked the best buds to pay the steep debt to the mercenary in order to save his daughter.

Just as the dream-doves said, the farmer and his wife went out the next day to discover two real doves. They led them to the wild tea grove. The farmer and his wife enough bushels to pay the mercenary the high debt he demanded protecting them before. So, the farmer and his wife saved their daughter and lived on growing an incredible tea plantation. The farmer and his wife named this white tea to honour the two white doves.

True or not, this is genuinely a fantastic tea. 2 Doves is a sweet, light tea with a host of extraordinary flavours and aromas.

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