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What are some of the major benefits of drinking pu-erh tea?

What are some of the major benefits of drinking pu-erh tea?

Beverages, such as teas brewed from the leaves of Camellia sinensis are part of our daily routine. Different teas are categorized based on the degree of fermentation in manufacturing. Every type has a different chemical composition and health benefits, and Pu-erh tea is one of them. In this article, I am keeping light on what Pu-erh tea is and what are the health benefits of drinking It.


What Is Pu-erh Tea?

You already have heard the name of many teas such as green, white, and oolong teas made from the Camellia sinensis plant, but you never heard about Pu-erh tea. That is cultivated only in the Yunnan province of China and takes its name from the Pu-Erh County in which it was grown. Tea is the most oxidized shape and can be very expensive. Pu-erh can mellow and better with age, like fine wine. Some Pu-erh teas are more than 50 years old, and rare Pu-Erh teas are sold for thousands of dollars in Asian specialty stores.

The Health Benefits and Effects of Drinking Pu-erh Tea

Pu-erh tea was grown in Yunnan Province in imperial China, and in the past, it was one of the most popular beverages in Asia. Historically, Pu-erh tea was used as medicines to treat different illnesses, such as flatulence, common colds, the onset of dysentery, and poor digestion. But in the past few decades, the unique effects of Puerh tea have mainly been studied. Puerh tea has a wide range of positive health effects, including hypoglycemic effects, improvement of type II diabetes, and also inhibition of the progression of diabetic issues. Puerh is a fermented tea that helps digestion and contains polyphenols; it cleanses toxins and free radicals. In addition, Pu-erh tea's health benefits have improved heart health because it contains statins that lower cholesterol. Pu-erh tea reduces serum levels of malondialdehyde (MDA) while increasing superoxide dismutase(SOD) and glutathione peroxidase (GSH-Px). Puerh tea's beneficial characteristics can be partly attributable to the bioactive components of brownie, theaflavins, and complex polysaccharides. The statin compound lovastatin has been identified in Puerh tea, and the levels of lovastatin enhance with the fermentation of tea leaves. Some expected health benefits of Puerh tea:


Health Benefits of Pu-Erh Tea

  1. Boost Energy

Puerh tea contains caffeine, so drinking a cup of tea daily can help boost your energy levels and focus. An 8-ounce cup of Pu-erh tea has 60 to 70 milligrams of caffeine; on the other hand, a standard cup of coffee has 105 milligrams. So a cup of Pu-erh tea makes the best choice for people who find themselves too weak.

  1. Prevents Cancer

It is proven that a regular cup of Pu-erh tea can save you from Cancer and stop the cultivation of new cancer cells. The University of Kunming Science and Technology research has demonstrated the ability of Pu-erh tea ingredients that target specific tumor cells with minimal side effects. Its other second study showed that Pu-erh tea could stop the growth of cancer cells by inhibiting cell multiplication. Furthermore, Scientists believe the oxidized tea polyphenols are the main reason for preventing or treating certain types of Cancer. These polyphenols eliminate free radicals, and irregular cells are prevented from growing.

  1. Promotes a Healthy Heart

If you drink one cup of Pu-erh tea a day, you can help to save your heart from disease by enjoying a delicious, soothing beverage. Puerh tea helps in preventing heart disease because it helps produce lovastatin. Natural statin is used for the treatment of high cholesterol. A Chinese study described that Pu-erh tea could help decrease the extra cholesterol level, also known as LDL cholesterol, and prevent obesity-belonged diseases. Pu-erh tea's health benefits include improving heart health because it contains statins that lower cholesterol.

  1. Reduces Stress and Prevents Illness

Some people are worried that Pu-erh tea contains caffeine. Stress can be reduced with Pu-erh tea, and its anti-inflammatory properties aid in relaxation when experiencing low aches and pains. Pu-erh tea contains GABA and theanine phytochemicals, which help lower stress levels. These phytochemicals boost melatonin production, which can help in better sleep and a calmer demeanor throughout the day. Puerh tea is high in antioxidants and vitamin C, so drinking a cup of it every day can help prevent illnesses such as the cold and flu. Since Pu-erh tea has the Camellia sinensis plant, so has more antioxidants and disease-fighting catechins.

  1. Cleanses Toxins and Free Radicals

Pu-erh tea uses its oxidative characteristic to increase oxygen levels, boosting circulation and blood flow. In addition to providing more oxygen to the brain, it can reduce free radicals that can cause serious health problems, such as headaches and migraines. As part of their traditional medicine, the Chinese use Pu-erh tea to help the spleen and stomach filter toxins throughout the body. Pu-erh tea has simple sugars and microorganisms which help the spleen cleanse the blood and eliminate free radicals.

  1. Aids in Weight Loss

Pu-erh tea improves digestion, can help relieve symptoms of constipation, and focus aids in weight loss combined with a healthy diet and exercise. The best time to drink a cup of Pu-erh tea for weight loss is one hour after a meal so that Pu-erh tea can remove excess grease and help eliminate unwanted hard-to-digest fats from your body. Pu-erh tea lowers the synthesis of fatty acids, which helps your body prevent producing higher levels of fat, but it doesn't mean you eat a high-fat diet and drink Pu-erh tea to lose weight. The tea also encourages your body to produce the hormones epinephrine and norepinephrine, which decrease to stores of fatty acids.

  1. Increase Bone Health

It is a big reality that bones lose density and weaken as you age. Severe bone conditions such as osteoporosis increase as you age and, in severe cases, can result in hospitalizations. Many things can take part in the weakening of bones, including inactivity and a lack of essential vitamins and minerals. Smoking and drinking are also factors in developing bone diseases as you age. Higher bone mass and greater bone strength can be achieved with tea's polyphenols. These polyphenols also have antioxidants with anti-inflammatory properties that aid in lowering pain and discomfort.

  1. Protects The Nervous System

The nerve cells inside your brain ransom a potent neurotransmitter called "glutamate."It plays a significant role in your learning, perception, and memory. But a large amount of glutamate leads to massive brain damage, stopping your brain from processing relevant information. In 2016 study proved that Puerh tea has beneficial effects on the nervous system. In the survey, Puerh tea relieved rat epilepsy, preserved neural cells from necrosis, and decreased the expression of metabotropic glutamate receptors in the hippocampus. The study's researchers included that Puerh tea is a natural neuroprotective agent.


Puerh Tea Side Effects and Precautions

Even Puerh tea contains minimized caffeine levels than other tea types, so too much caffeine can cause headaches, dizziness, diarrhea, heartburn, insomnia, and other side effects. Lastly, please remember one more important thing: if you're suffering from any of the above health conditions, like high cholesterol or diabetes, you should not use Puerh tea as a treatment. It is always better that you should first consult your physician.

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