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Tips and Tricks: Keep Your Tea Fresher and Longer

Tips and Tricks: Keep Your Tea Fresher and Longer

You may have experienced how disappointing it is to reach for a cup of tea only to discover that it has gone stale. It's a bittersweet moment because you know you should have drank it sooner, but you can't help but wonder how fresher and tastier it would have been. However, this isn't the end of the line because you can do a few things to keep your tea fresher for extended periods and prevent further oxidation. We have shared some tips and tricks on doing just that in this article, so keep reading to learn about the essential hacks you need to keep your tea fresh.

What are the benefits of keeping your tea fresher and longer?
Tea is a delicious and refreshing beverage made from the Camellia sinensis plant's leaves. It is available in several varieties (black, green, white, and Oolong) and is consumed globally. Tea has various health benefits and can be enjoyed hot or cold. However, to fully enjoy the flavour potential of your tea, it is essential to keep it fresh.

The following are some key benefits of having your tea fresh.
● It prevents the tea leaves from deteriorating and losing their flavour, taste, and overall quality.
● The tea's vitamins and antioxidants will be retained if appropriately stored.
● When tea is correctly stored, you can save money and avoid tossing out stale tea.
● It will help your tea leaves last longer, giving you more time to enjoy them.
How to store your tea from further oxidation

All teas including Matcha, Oolong, green, and green oolong are prone to continous oxidation under light. The natural oxidation process in tea occurs when the leaves are exposed to air and light, which can impact the tea's flavour and quality. Thus it's critical to store tea properly to avoid further oxidation. Tea, when properly preserved, can last for months or even years. However, you should check on your tea regularly to ensure it is still fresh. If you notice any off-putting flavours or aromas, it's best to discard the tea and start with a new batch.

Store your tea in a tight and dark sealed jar in a cold, dark place to prevent additional oxidation. Matcha tea, for example, should be stored in a firmly sealed jar in the refrigerator; Oolong and green tea can be kept in a sealed jar in the pantry and green oolong tea in an airtight container in the freezer. Finally, try to consume it within 3-4 weeks of opening the container and discard the tea if the colour or flavour changes. And if you're unsure how to keep your tea, seek advice from a tea specialist or the brand that sold you the tea.
How not to store your tea
Keeping your tea fresh and delicious requires appropriate storage. However, knowing how to keep tea is essential. Here are some suggestions about how not to store your tea:
● Tea should never be stored in an open container since it absorbs other odours, resulting in mushy curry-flavoured tea and a squandered batch of your favourite Oolong tea.
● Avoid storing your tea in direct sunlight because heat is used in the oxidation process, as well as UV light, which will break down the compounds in tea and cause it to lose flavour.
● Refreezing tea leaves is not advisable because the freshness will decrease with time, and more moisture will be absorbed, damaging the cell walls of the leaves.
● Store your tea away from strong-smelling foods. Food flavours will seep into the tea and ruin its flavour.

If you are a tea lover, these tips and techniques for keeping tea fresher and longer will come in handy. You can enjoy your favourite cup of tea every day without worrying about going wrong if you follow these simple steps. Therefore, start incorporating these tea-drinking methods into your routine today and notice the difference for yourself.

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