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Bi Luo Chung Green Tea – Tiny Spring Snail Oolong Tea

Bi Luo Chung Green Tea – Tiny Spring Snail Oolong Tea

Have you ever thought about trying Bi Luo Chung Chinese green tea, only to find yourself pausing at what these drinks actually are? If this is something that you’ve wondered about, we’ve outlined some of the main things you need to know about Bi Luo Chung green tea to help inform your decision. After all, Bi Luo Chung green tea is a truly delicious Chinese and Taiwan green tea, so it’s potentially worth considering the key features of this delicious

What is Chinese Bi Luo Chung Green Tea?

First of all, we need to clarify what Chinese Bi Luo Chung green tea is. Chinese Bi Luo Chung green tea is an incredibly popular beverage, especially in China itself, for the historical legends accompanying it. It is sometimes also called the “Tiny Spring Snail” oolong tea since the tea leaves are harvested in spring and rolled tightly into a spiral, resembling a snail’s shell.

The Legend of Bi Luo Chung Green Tea

The legend of Bi Luo Chung green tea in China is a relatively odd one, that’s for sure! The story says that a young tea picker in Ancient China ran out of room in her basket. So, endeavoring to bring back as much tea as possible, she packed the tea between her breasts. Warmed by her body heat, this tea then began to emit its characteristic fragrances.

Later, in the Qing Dynasty, a Kangxi Emperor decided to rename the beverage Green Snail Spring, which was a much more sophisticated and elegant name than the prior name given to it for its strength and overwhelming potency: “Scary Fragrance!”

Eventually, in the modern day, Bi Luo Chung green tea was ranked as the best Chinese green tea by the renowned Zhen Jun, who wrote Cha Shuo, an all-encompassing tea encyclopedia.


Bi Luo Chung green tea is typically grown in the Jiangsu province of China. More specifically, it is grown close to Lake Tai and the Dongting Mountains, which helps give its characteristic properties.


Bi Luo Chung green tea is incredibly dark green in color as a tea life. When prepared, however, it is incredibly pale green and almost completely transparent.


The taste of Chinese Bi Luo Chung green tea is typically very aromatic. Some people can also detect a mild floral taste alongside this.

What is Taiwan San Xia Bio Luo Chung Green Tea?

An alternative to traditional Chinese green tea is also made in Taiwan. Taiwan’s San Xia Bi Luo Chung green tea was first imported in the early 20th century and has rapidly grown in popularity in Taiwan ever since.


Taiwan Bi Luo Chung green tea is grown in the San Xia district, located within New Taipei City.


Taiwan San Xia Bi Luo Chung green tea tastes very similar to traditional Chinese teas. However, it is slightly more delicate in flavor, creating a marginally more soothing beverage.


The aroma of Taiwan Bi Luo Chung green tea is incredibly sweet, differentiating it slightly from Chinese green tea. It has a very subtle hint of chestnuts, making it feel immediately comforting.

Production Method

Taiwan Bi Luo Chung green tea is made through a fully Chinese-style production method. This means that the leaves are pan-fried before rolling and drying, giving them characteristic oriental notes.

Brewing Method

In order to brew Bi Luo Chung green tea, simply take a fully cleaned, sterilized teapot and add around three grams of tea leaves for every 100ml of water. Then, simply pour boiling water over the tea leaves, and let the mixture sit for around half a minute before serving in individual cups. The process can be repeated for subsequent infusions if necessary.

Final Thoughts

If you’ve been looking to learn about some of the key properties of Bi Luo Chung, be it Taiwan or Chinese green tea, we hope today’s brief guide will have helped. Both of these delicious green teas are designed to offer an excellent solution for your enjoyment and relaxation – so we strongly recommend giving them a try if you’re a lover of green tea personally.

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