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Osmanthus Black Tea



Product Type: Black Tea

Vendor: Bon Tea Place


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This black tea is a perfect fusion of sweet taste and fresh Osmanthus fragrance, which brings out rich layers of delightful aroma and tastes.

Black tea is already loaded with antioxidants and weight-loss-promoting enzymes and amino acids. However, black tea with the addition of Osmanthus flowers is guaranteed to help shed excess pounds and keep you feeling and looking great! Osmanthus tea synergizes amazingly with black tea, together they act as a natural detox for our bodies and can even provide some nutrients and minerals into our diets. For those looking for a health-conscious weight loss and appetite suppressant tea, Osmanthus black tea is a perfect choice!


Pure black tea and Osmanthus flowers


1 tsp/cup; Temp: 90ºC

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