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Monkey Picked Golden Hunan Black Tea



Product Type: Black Tea

Vendor: Bon Tea Place


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This tea comes from the Hunan province of China and was traditionally picked by trained monkeys with their great dexterity. Nowadays this tea is not picked by monkeys but still retains the delicate process. The golden leaves are a sign of the high quality of this tea. The liquor looks like a cup of sunshine with an ethereal and savory flavor. Hints of oak while being quite mellow, it is a must-try for high-quality tea drinkers.

Black tea is rich in polyphenols that act as antioxidants, reducing the risk of chronic diseases and improving overall health. It can help lower blood glucose levels and improve the body's ability to manage sugar, making it beneficial for normal and pre-diabetic adults. Additionally, it has anti-bacterial properties that help fight against certain bacteria.


black tea


1 tsp/cup; Temp: 90ºC

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