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Tea Filter Bag (120 pieces)



Vendor: Bon Tea Place


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Tired of fumbling around with loose tea leaves and messy strainers? Look no further than our disposable tea filter bags! These convenient little bags make brewing your favorite loose leaf tea a breeze.

Simply scoop your desired amount of tea into the bag, fold over the top, and steep in hot water. No need to worry about loose leaves floating around in your cup or cleaning out a strainer afterwards.

Not only are these filter bags easy to use, they're also Eco-friendly. Made from natural, unbleached paper, they're biodegradable and composable, making them the perfect choice for tea lovers who care about the environment.

And with a pack of 120 filter bags, you'll have enough to last you for plenty of tea sessions to come. Plus, their compact size makes them easy to stash in your purse or backpack for on-the-go tea brewing.

So why fuss with loose tea leaves and messy strainers when you can have the convenience of our disposable tea filter bags? Try them out today and simplify your tea brewing routine!

120pc Japanese Disposable Tea Filter Bag - Made in Japan

Code Bag per Pack Size (W x L)
BEM 120pc 9.5 x 7cm
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